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  Mr. Sandeep Natkar     Name : Mr. Sandeep Natkar
Designation : Chairman
Qualification : B.Tech (Agri), MBA (Marketing)
  Mr. Vijay Tatiya     Name : Adv. Jayant Jaibhave
Designation : Vice-Chairman
Qualification : Bsc, L.L.B
  Adv. Jayant Jaibhave     Name : Mr. Vijay Tatiya
Designation : Treasurer
Qualification : B.Com, L.L.B
  Mr. Sudeep Anaokar     Name : Mr. Sudeep Anaokar
Designation : secretary
Qualification : M.Com, C A. lnter
  Mr. Milind Datar     Name : Mr. Milind Datar
Designation : Trustee
Qualification : B.Com
  Mr. Sanjay Nyaharkar     Name : Mr. Sanjay Nyaharkar
Designation : Trustee
Qualification : B.Com
  Mr. Anand Pawar     Name : Mr. Anand Pawar
Designation : Trustee
Qualification : B.A
  Mr. Jibhau Sonawane     Name : Mr. Jibhau Sonawane
Designation : Trustee
Qualification : B.A, D.S.W
  Mr. Vijay Kelkar     Name : Mr. Vijay Kelkar
Designation : Trustee
Qualification : D.ME, DEE,
  Mr. Anil Jain     Name : Mr. Anil Jain
Designation : Trustee
Qualification : B.Com, M.B.A, F.C.A.
  Mr. Shyam Kedar     Name : Mr. Shyam Kedar
Designation : Trustee
Qualification : D.C.Em
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