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Shikshan Mitra
“Shikshan Mitra” is a Student Adoption Programme by Synergy Foundation to promote higher Education to the underprivileged children from socially & economically weaker sections of the society.. 
The objective  of the  project is to provide a platform to the underprivileged students, ensuring them with quality higher education, integrated development of the youth and supporting the holistic development of the needy students.
Beneficiaries of the Program
Shadab turns out to be a ray of hope for his mother!
Shadab Shaikh, unfortunately lost his father when he was one year old, in this testing time his mother was the only one who had to shoulder his entire responsibility. Overcoming the extremely adverse conditions, Shadab proved his mother’s hard work fruitful by scoring 95% marks in  SSC examination
Shadab Shaikh
Shadab Shaikh
Sagar outshines in SSC examination!
Since birth Sagar’s one eye is paralyzed & another one weak, still he resolved to complete his education which remained unfinished due to poverty, so he worked overnight  to  continue with his studies and scored 59% in SSC examination.
Sagar Pawar
Mayank Babar
Mayank Babar, 16 year old boy raised by his mother ,who has single handed earning, working as a nurse in a private clinic. Being a deprived child & difficult circumstances he scored 86.55% marks in SSC  examination.
Mayank Babar
Mayank Babar
Mohana Jakhere
Mohana Jakhere hailing from Mogare village(Adivasi Sector) remote area of Igatpuri Taluka comes all the way to Nashik city for her further education. Because of her zeal and determination for her higher education Synergy Foundation came forward to support her, ensuring her a bright future.
Mohana Jakhere
Mohana Jakhere
All the educational expenses i.e.College Fees, Books & Stationary, Uniform, Other Educational Miscellaneous Fees of these students for the Class XI & Class XII will be completely borne by Synergy Foundation.
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