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About us
Synergy Foundation has its office in the heart of the City with qualified members staff.
The organization assists to provide value added Education in different fields, Directing the youth in choosing the right career path. Synergy Foundation is also acclaimed for disciplined and organized  endeavor by the various community projects. The organization also works towards the upliftment of the under privileged sections of the Society (especially the Adivasi Sector). The Foundation owns 2.5 acre land for   About Synergy Foundation
its future activities. Accounts of the foundation are periodically checked by the statutory auditors. Synergy Foundation also arranges  an Educational Exhibition every alternate year the mission behind it is  “To soar on the wings of education towards building a Modern  &  Literate  India”.
Synergy Foundation’s educational philosophy and Its objectives in a nutshell ( Excellence Through Better Education)
Objectives :
1)      To provide quality education at all stages from play group onwards.
2)      To promote the principles of good education and good citizenship.
3)      To take active interests in every child’s student’s educational, civic, cultural, social, and  
          moral development.
4)     To help the child develop all those mental powers, abilities that are psychological and are           inherited by each child from birth.
5)      To develop proper habits of work and positive attitude.
6)      To inculcate human values of life from our rich cultural heritage.
Social Activities :
1)      Help to Tsunami Victims.
2)      Medical Aid to poor students.
3)      Eye Medical camps in the remote area of Trimabakeshwar.
Registration Details
  • Regn.No.: F-7414/NsK Dt. 15/7/2002 &MS/7556/2002/NSK
  • Exemption U/S 80 G of Income Tax Act 1961 Certificate No.: NSK/CIT-I/80-G/27/92/2007-2008/149 5 Dt. 5/7/2007
  • 12A Registration No. : CIT-I/Tech.01/12A(A)/56/66 Dtd. 27/1/2003
  • IT PAN No.: AADTS 8662H
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